Hunting and Game preserve TOV SMH STOHID

Hunting and Game preserve TOV SMH STOHID – these are 28 175,6 hectares of swamplands and forestlands on the territory of Zarichne raion, one of the most picturesque places of Rivne region.

Hunting, nowadays, is not only obtaining of food and the means of existence as it was before.  By now, hunting is a useful and active type of recreation that trains stamina and reaction speed, strengthens body and brings joy of communication with nature. The trophy, obtained while hunting, is only a reward to the hunter.

Talking about hunting in this perspective, it should be mentioned that we refer to the cultural and educative hunter.

We believe that good tradition will emerge with the nation's culture growth and with the hunting culture development which will be handed down to our descendants. The traditions that would teach to love, to appreciate and to protect nature.

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The hunting season 2020/2021 on wildfowl is from 4 pm 03.08.2020 to 02.11.2021. The days of hunting: Saturday and Sunday.


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The rent of house on the leisure bases for hunters and the guests in the hunting season
For booking and ordering call +38 067 3607101

Opening of hunting season of game-birds on August 04, 2018

TOV SMH STOHID offers to obtain an individual game hunting license.  
A game license holder has the following advantages: simplified servicing, participation in promotions, discount on purchase of game hunting license, lodging and services.  
It is possible to issue the game hunting license having addressed to our workers with personal identity documents and documents confirming status of the hunter, namely: copies of the Passport, Hunter education Certificate and a Check Card.

Issuing and usage of the Check Card are done for free.

While obtaining a game bird hunting license for hunting within the hunting lands of TOV SMH STOHID, the holders of the individual game hunting licenses are given the discounts on participation in promotions.

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індивідуальна картка мисливця

Допомога дітям-сиротам


As you know, the official opening of hunting season was on August 17. The event resulted not only in active recreation and hunting trophies, but also in one goal achievement – possibility to give our helping hand of charity support.

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Попередимо браконьєрство

Let's prevent poaching

For the purpose of wild animals protection as well as cooperation and motivation increase of local population, TOV “SMH STOHID” directorate will pay 1500 UAH for the verifiable information provision and ascertainment of illegal hunting.

Anonymity is guaranteed.
Telephone in Rivne: +380 (99) 362 97 20